Renters Guide


Should the applicant provide complete documentation, application processing and approval can be completed within 24 hours. We aim to have leases signed within 72 hours of application approval. 



Applicants are required to provide documentation of an annual income that is equal to 30-40 times the amount of the monthly rent. For example, if the rent is $2,000.00 a month, an applicant must show an income of no less than $60,000.00 ($2,000 x 30) or $80,000.00 ($2,000 x 40). Combined incomes will be considered for multiple applicants.  Apts4Rent does not set income requirements; this depends on the property owner/management company of property chosen by applicants.



Each applicant must provide the following documents and fees:

    • A completed application form
    • $50.00 application fee (Apts4Rent’s application fee)
    • A copy of recent bank statements
    • A copy of government issued photo ID
    • An employment verification letter
    • Three consecutive pay stubs
    • Full income tax returns
    • Reference from previous landlord



If need be, a guarantor co-signer must also apply, provide proof of income for the monthly rent, and currently live in the United States.



The standard security deposit is equivalent to one month’s rent. In some cases, additional security costs may be incurred during the application process, however some properties require non-refundable move-in fees in lieu of security deposits.



The greatest compliment we can receive is your continued trust referring your friends and family. Please have them mention your name so that we may thank you!