Relocation Services


Apts4Rent work with various companies in providing relocation services to their employees.  Our access to virtually every available listing and building in Chicago allows individuals or companies relocating to Chicago an easy and efficient way to find a new home.  We have access to all level types of inventory and are able to accommodate the most discerning of executives as well as the budget-driven new hire.

The Chicago rental market is very fast moving and when relocating from another city this process can become an overwhelming experience for anyone trying to find an apartment on his or her own.  Newly transferred professionals usually don’t have the time or desire to spend the weeks of research, calling, viewing, and attempting to deal with the specific market requirements until their corporate housing runs out.  Trusting this process in the hands of a qualified professional who will direct and guide them through this process proves to be a much more efficient approach.  Working with us is a cost-effective approach and helps you save on corporate housing. 

How we can help:

We provide a service whereby your employees and executives can make a smooth transition to Chicago.  We coordinate and refine the actual search criteria so that the relocating individual clearly understands what they can expect in regards to size, location, budget or any other requirement they may have.  Long-distance progress: we will then provide links, pictures, floor plans and additional information about the available units.  A strategy is then put in place for how to best coordinate a viewing.  Generally, we will secure their new home within the first or second meeting, as we are very familiar with the management companies, apartment/condo building styles, location and pricing.  You can be assured that your employees and executives will be working with very experienced agents. 

Additional Services Provided:

We offer one day guided tours for a fee to companies who have potential hires who are undecided about relocating to an unfamiliar area.  The one day tour cost $700 and includes pick-up and drop-off anywhere within Chicago city limits, introduction to the Chicago housing market, attractions, neighborhoods, and a preview of select properties that match your new hires’ criteria.  A valuable cost saving plan keeping new hires out of corporate housing and making a seamless transition to a new city.